Monday, April 12, 2010

US Mother Ships Adopted Boy Back to Russia

In this story reported by AOL news, Torry Hansen adopted a 7 year old buy from Russia, and than shipped him back to Russia with a one-way plane ticket. Torry Hansen has said that the boy had made threats to burn her house down, along with murdering her family. Hansen had described her son as mentally unstable and violent. Although many believe that what Torry Hansen did was incorrect, some believe that it might have been the right thing to do. The boy is now back in Russia and families are stepping up to the plate offering to adopt him and take him under their care.

I believe that Torry Hansen could have seeked help and try to help the boy. In Russia, a lot of orphans were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and face many problems. Hansen was a nurse, and could have spoken to a doctor, and seeked psycological help. Although I believe that she should have tried to work with him first, I don't blame her at all for sending him back due to the threats he made.

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  1. I also find it curious in that I wonder if she had tried to adopt in this country first? If so, was she turned down. And throwing a kid on a plane by himself is terrible.