Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Britain "Opens Its Airspace as Travel Crisis Begins to Ebb"

Alan Cowell and Nicola Clark report from the New York Times that the airspace to Britain is now open. Due to the volcanic explosion in Iceland passengers were stuck for 6 days. The cloud of ash was so thick there was to much of a risk to attempt to fly through. Many travelers were forced to stay on cots in airports or rent rooms at hostels. Today some airspace are gradually open and other may be closed for another day or so. It must have been terrible being stuck for 6 days in an airport. The cloud must have been super thick for the airports to close. With all the technology on planes now they couldn't manage to get through there. Many of the pilots here were ready to attempt to fly through because but the airspace over seas felt it was not safe enough. The last thing they would want to do is endanger the passengers. Even some people who were stuck were interviewed many of them felt it was a good experience.

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