Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Study: Warming to bring stronger hurricanes

Researchers are beginning to agree now that due to global warming, hurricanes are likely to get stronger. There will be fewer hurricanes but much stronger than any we've ever seen. Studies are not proven yet but indicate that the wind speed of hurricanes will rise by 2-11%, but there would be 6-34% fewer storms in number. This may sound like a good thing, but there will be less weak and moderate storms and more of the huge damaging ones. Put it this way, an 11% increase in wind speed turns into a roughly 60% increase in damage. These storms would carry more rain which in turn means even more damage.
Although some researchers believe there will be an increase in damage, others believe that there will not be. Unfortunately, a study was performed last month focussing on the Atlantic hurricane basin and it has been predicted that there will be an increase of 28% in damage to America alone. This is despite fewer storms. Category 4 and 5 Atlantic hurricanes will hit America. These will carry winds at more than 130 mph. Put it this way. Hurrican Katrina was only a category 3 hurricane and look how much damage that caused. We are still suffering.

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  1. Hurricanes are bound to happen, we can not control them. As a nation, we should prepare for the worst always. Even if the weather forecasters believe it to not be bad, we should get our towns ready. Hurricane Katrina was a castrophe. That was only one hurricane, there are much more to come. With winds that strong, never mind balloons flying like crazy through the air. The wind would be strong enough to pop them with one breeze.