Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Health Care’s Obstacle: No Will to Cut

Obama's health reform plan has been called "a terribly mixed bag." One of Barack's big plans was to make health care more affordable and have it work in a citizen's favor. It seems that 14 months into his presidency, that was obviously not his major goal. Now people are finally seeing this. Obama's plan would not cut Medicare's long term budget deficit. This is a huge problem for the American people. However, insurance exchanges would create more competition, a Medicare oversight board would gain authority over reimbursement rates, and hospitals that have committed certain medical errors that were harmful and costly would face financial penalties.
While some are in favor of what the plan actually does, others are pointing out what it fails to do. There is no actual solution to this though. People must follow what they believe. The question is which side would you choose? It is only which of the two evils you think is better than the healthcare plan that we have today. This is such a huge issue that not many people take seriously. We, as taxpayers, are paying for most of our healthcare. We are paying indirectly through taxes and paycheck deductions. This makes people think that healthcare is actually free. This is not quite the case. We can wish that Congress would come up with a popular plan that would cut costs in a drastic way, but that day seems far from today. "Waiting for that day to arrive, though, doesn’t seem very conservative."

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