Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Carol Alvarez
Eng 122
08 March, 2010

"N.J. Plans Bear Hunt to Control Surge in Population"
In an article written by Brian Murray, The Star reports on how N.J. Fish and game council will be introducing a policy for the states first bear hunt in five years due to a surge in the black bear population and increase in complaints (Murray). According to the article since the last hunt black bear population has risen from 1,317 in 2202 to 2141 in 2007 (Murray). This surge in population is in regards to a 580 acre area in Sussex and Passaic counties (Murray).
Since the last bear hunt complaints from citizens is on the rise with sightings of bears roaming playgrounds, streets, backyards and even one turned up at the town parade. It is understandable that people are concerned for the safety of their children and families and something must be done. Opening a hunting season on these animals just seems cruel, there are more humane ways of controlling the population. Tranquilizing and relocating could certainly be done as easily as killing them. Governor Corzine placed the ban on hunting these black bears 5 years ago, was it not obvious to anyone that indeed their population would increase? So now that they are thriving, let’s start hunting them again? I just feel there are alternatives that should be looked into.

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  1. I could not agree more. I think that hunting the bears is very cruel. Black bears are living creatures too. Just because humans are the dominating species and made towns and such out of this country does not give us the right to just terminate another creature. I agree with relocating the bears. It definitely is a better alternative.