Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zap or Chill? Targeting Fat Without Surgery

This New York Times article was written by Catherine Saint Louis on February 3, 2010. This article is about a chilling device that vacuums fat out of your body. It is a Zeltic device known as Zerona, which is a four armed laser that zaps your stomach, flanks, and hips with red beams during six 40-minute treatments. People have given this treatment a try, in the hopes of believing that liposuction will soon be out of the question to lose fat. Some people explain how this device is showing no difference in their bodies and therefore has not worked. This device is very new and therefore may lead to some issues as to how long it will work or if in the long run it may cause damage.
For many people this device may help them lose the weight they need in the right spots but for others it may be seen as a problem that we must know more about. Zerona is so brand new that we do not know right away the issues it may possibly bring. Everyone is beginning to take technology for granted and see things like Zerona as a positive idea but we need to know more facts about this to feel safe and comfortable putting it out there. How do we know this is permanently safe? Yes, maybe this laser treatment works in the beginning, but what about in the long run?


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  2. think this treatment is technologically advanced but yet harmful at the same time. If people know they can just get the fat sucked out of them without having surgery, would people live healthy lives? Or would people eat foods filled with calories and tons of fat? If people could eat whatever they wnat whenever they want would people worry about their health and about their weight?