Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jesse McKinley’s, Carmaker’s Troubles Shake the Hybrid Hum of Prius Fans, in February 4, 2010’s New York Times briefly talks about Toyota's hybrid Prius. As if the up-hill battle of recalling several other significant models of theirs, Toyota is now having issues with one of their ever popular hybrid models, the Prius. Although it is usually great for you car to keep going year after year, the Prius seems to not want to stop even at the end of the street. Apparently, many owners have called into their Toyota dealers complaining of braking problems on the new 2010 model Prius and there were also several accounts where the faulty braking caused minor accidents. While some ever-loyal Toyota owners are bailing ship to find some other reliable vehicle, others are determined to tackle the issue, have it repaired and move on out back to the road.

It took a great deal of time before Toyota had built up the reputation for building vehicles of quality. For many years the engineering quality to that of Toyota was far above many other auto makers, but it seems they have gotten caught in the same style of producing vehicles as many other auto companies. For the longest time, any and all parts that went into one of their vehicles were produced in Japan only. Recently the company started using parts that were manufactured in other countries clearly leading to a gap in their quality. Quite simply, I feel the solution to their problem would be to keep as much of the production of their vehicles in their country where they can assure the quality of their vehicles again.

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