Sunday, February 7, 2010

Billion dollar nightmare looms as Obama refuses to rule out holding 9/11 terror trials in NYC

The New York Daily News reported Sunday that President Obama has refused to rule out the trial for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in New York City after all. This is after a growing firestorm of protest across the nation. Local New York officials including Sen. Chuck Schumer, Congressman Peter King and Mayor Bloomberg have all raised opposition to this trial's location and want it moved.

What makes this article all the more shocking is that over the past week people thought that the trial was already been moved and was just a matter of finding a new location.

It also tells me that this president just does not get it. Most Americans do not want this trial to be in New York, it is a emotional topic. For him to put it out there that the trial still may take place there is a huge mistake. If he does not put an end to all the speculation and move the trial, I believe it will cost his party dearly in the next election

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  1. I understand the opposition to the trials being held in NYC. There is where so many americans died and some are still in the rubble. Just the thought of letting those animals have a stage so they can promote or even justify what they did is repulsive. I think they should not even be given a cilian trial because what they did was an act of war. They should be in front of a military tribunal.