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Carol Alvarez

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B. Kern

5 Feb, 2010

"Christie, New Jersey brace for massive influx of Haitian refugees"

The Star Ledger 31 January, 2010 Josh Margolin and Claire Heininger report about the surge
of Haitian refugees soon to be arriving to the state of New Jersey. According to confidential documents obtained by the Star Ledger, the state is concerned that the number of Haitians could exceed the capacity of community groups and require state government to meet the medical, educational, housing and other needs of these people (J Margolin, C Heininger).

These confidential documents were reportedly prepared by members of the Christie administration. State officials plan on focusing on necessary services and how to pay for them.
Quite a challenge for an administration facing a deficit budget of over 1 billion dollars for the upcoming year (J. Margolin, C. Heininger). Stanley Heron, executive director of N.J. 4 Haiti, an alliance of community groups, said New Jerseyans were already working on bringing their relatives to this state. " The families will be ready to take them in, " he said. " But families alone are not going to be able to support them." (J Margolin C Heininger).

What happened in Haiti is absolutely horrible, they are in need of the worlds help. I don't believe any one of them should have to suffer. My issue is that New Jersey tax payers are going to foot the bill for thousands of people who will be arriving, as will many other states. I realize how cold it sounds, but if there was a tragedy in my family and I took in my relatives would the state or federal government pay for their housing, medical care, schooling? I don't think that would happen. I believe we should help, but not at the expense of already burdened New Jerseyans.

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  1. Carol, it is only souds cold because it is the winter (smiles). America already has illegal immigrants that bankrupting many states, California in particular.

    It sounds to me that your argument is a rational one.