Monday, February 8, 2010

Blog# 3Paperwork Hinders Airlifts of Ill Haitian Children

Ryan Albano
English 122
Professor Kern
Blog # 3 (New York Times)

The news article critiqued for this blog, “Paperwork Hinders Airlifts of Ill Haitian Children” found at was a topic that is on everyone’s minds recently. With this disaster that did not happen too long ago, many Americans find themselves reaching out to the people of Haiti. However, within this crisis there was a recent controversial topic that has a negative viewpoint of the American aid being sent to Haiti. There was a total of 10 Americans who were recently arrested. These 10 Americans were accused of kidnapping the children in need of medical attention.

These arrests have lead to the strict new rules of filling out paperwork in depth before airlifting the children out of Haiti. This is hard on Doctors who do not have all of the paperwork at their fingertips all of the time. When it comes to critical conditions it also leaves children who are in desperate need of help, who do not have the necessary paperwork filled out to not get the medical attention needed. This is a difficult issue to deal with on both parties side. For the individuals in need of aid in Haiti it leaves them without the needed medical attention needed, and on the American side I am sure these arrests have left them skeptical of lending their hand out. This negative news event should not have much light in the Haiti recovery, however people should be more focused on the million of people who are dying and need help.

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