Thursday, January 28, 2010

This time, shockey not the invisible fan

In the article "This time, Shockey not the invisible fan" Gene Wojciechowshi reports on Jeremy Shockeys career.

Jeremy Shockey has had a very up and down career, and a very unsatisfying career. A few years ago he played for the New York Giants that ended up winning the superbowl that year. Unfortunatly for Shockey he was injured and on the side lines while his team played in the most important game of the year. Today Shockey has a second chance at a super bowl. Shockey was traded to the New Orleans Saints and now hes going to be playing the Colts in this years super bowl.

I agree with Gene on Shockeys career. In the NFL the point is to play in and win the super bowl. So therefore if you dont accomplish this but you still have good personal stats it really means close to nothing. On a more personal note for Shockey, he actually has a super bowl ring, but for him it doesnt mean anything because he was hurt and couldnt actuallty play for his ring. So I think for him to really be satisfied with his career he needs to win the superbowl this year vs. the Colts.

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