Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Nikki Aronowitz
English- 122
In the Thursday paper, of the New York Times, I read an article on a teenage killing. “Third Trial in a Teenager’s Killing Takes a Toll on Both Sides”, was written by Sam Dolnick. It was about a young boy, Quindel Francis, who was sixteen when he committed his first murder. He had been having problems with a former classmate, Fernando Corea, for a long time. They both played football for their high school together. Eventually Francis met up with Corea on a street to make peace when a gun slipped out of his waistband and killed Corea. Corea’s family now wants to find justice in the case. Francis has been put into jail for five years so far and is still facing trials for the death of a schoolmate. The memories of what happened that terrible day are now being questioned.
Francis claims that the shooting was accidental; however the Corea family believes that it was on purpose. Now that it has been about five years later, it is hard to determine who exactly is right in this case. The attorneys are digging through information in past trials and events to find the correct answer.

Things happen for reasons that sometimes we can’t understand until later on. At the age of sixteen, we don’t concentrate on every move we make as children. Carrying a gun on Francis’s waistband didn’t seem like a big deal until it was triggered. That mistake of having it on him has cost him a good amount of his life. Although the Corea family wants justice for what has happened to their son, there are other ways to punish Francis. Now that he is twenty-one years old, he is wiser and hopefully grown into a better person.

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