Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York Times “Schools’ Supporters Fear They Weren’t Heard” by Otterman, Sharon. January 28, 2010. “Schools’ Fear They Weren’t Heard” is an article about the mayors’ control over public schools. The system said that they would give the public more input into the hearings and decisions that are made. The public felt that even though they gave their input that it wasn’t put into consideration. While the system gave more the public more input into the hearings, the public feels as if the system is blatantly ignoring their thoughts and concerns.

Even though the system made an effort to hear the publics’ opinions on the school closings, they should give the actual opinions some thoughts and consideration instead of just hearing it and tossing it aside. It wasn’t right for the mayor to appointment people with only the same opinions he had. The mayor was able to pick 8 out of the 13 people to represent the panels’ members. Each of the members he picked voted to close the schools, which is the same opinion as the mayors’. They mayor should have made the members more fair by picking people that had different opinions and whose opinions weren’t set in stone.

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