Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ford earns 2.7 Biliion in 2009

Richard LaFaman
English 122
Mrs. Kern
In the article "Ford earns $2.7B in 2009, first profit in 4 years" by AP Auto writers Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom Krisher written on January 28th. The image you usually get from U.S. automakers like GM is that of a struggling company begging the government for bailout money. Ford is not one of those domestic car companies. Ford made an estimated 2.7 billion in 2009 which was it's first annual profits in four years. Ford's profitfor 2008 was 118.4 billion dollars which was a 14 percent decrease. The company gained a market share in South and North america and Europe but no market share of Asia.

While some experts say that Ford's profits are unsustainable due to profits of Ford credit but the CFO Lewis Booth is predicting that Ford will earn a profit in 2010. I was very happy to read this article because finally an American automaker is making a profit. Why has Ford no been able to tap into the market share of Asia? How will Ford be able to slim it's deficit and be able to get it's balance sheet in the positive?


  1. I think you've made some pretty strong points about your article. I agree with the questions you have asked. Car companys are doing extremely terrible with business lately and you were right with everything you said.

  2. I think this is a great article as well. It is about time that an automotive company can hold itself together especially during this terrible economy. I think it is especially great that it is an American auto company as well. If 2009 was a good year for them, let's hope 2010 shows even more improvement for them as well.